RAP Sessions

We have several exciting and contentious topics lined up for this year. Rap sessions allow for exciting dialogue amongst attendees and presenters. Admission to all Rap Sessions is free with an Exhibits Only Registration and free refreshments will be available.

Rap Session 1: Biggest Impact on Power Conversion - Devices or Magnetics?

Moderator: Kevin Parmenter, VP of Applications Engineering, Excelsys

Rap Session Speakers:

  • Ray Ridley, Ridley Engineering (magnetics)
  • Jim Marinos, Executive VP at Payton America (patents on Magnetics)
  • Dan Kinzer, COO&CTO, Co-Founder, Navitas
  • Manfred Schlenk
  • Ira Patel, Magnapower Electronics
  • Dan Jitaru, President, RomPower

Rap Session 2: Gate Drive Isolation Technologies: Optical, Magnetic, or Capacitive Coupling?

Moderator: Aung Tu, Director of Application and Marketing for Industrial Gate Drivers, Infineon

Rap Session Speakers:

  • Baoxing Chen, ADI Fellow (inventor of ADI micro-transformers), Analog Devices
  • Laszlo Balogh, Technical Fellow, ON Semiconductor
  • Tom Bonifield, TI Fellow (authority on HV isolation processes, materials, & structures), Texas Instruments
  • Wolfgang Frank, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Infineon Technology
  • Keith Coffey, Silicon Labs

Rap Session 3: GaN vs. SiC vs Si for Next Generation Power Devices

Moderator: Indumini Ranmuthu, Manager, Advanced Development Group in Power Management, Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Texas Instruments

Rap Session Speakers:

  • John Palmour, CTO, Wolfe Speed (CREE)
  • Paul Brohlin, Technical Manager of GaN Development, Texas Instruments
  • Gerald DeBoy , New technology development lead, Infineon
  • Chingchi Chen, Ford Research Labs
  • Alex Huang, Professor, University of Texas at Austin