Professional Education Seminars

Seminar Abstracts and Author Bios

Please click on the titles below to view seminar abstracts and author bios.  To view the schedule for the seminars, please click here.

- Seminar 1: Bidirectional DC-DC Converters: Fundamentals and Advances Session

- Seminar 2: Silicon Carbide MOSFETs - A Deep Dive to Accelerate Your Next power Converter Design

- Seminar 3: Direct Digital Compensator Design for Power Electronics

- Seminar 4: High Power Si & SiC Module Technology & Application Considerations

- Seminar 5: EMI Causes, Measurement, and Reduction Techniques for Switch-Mode Power Converters

- Seminar 6: Practical Design of Wireless Electric Vehicles: Dynamic & Stationary Charging Technologies

- Seminar 7: A Comprehensive Introduction to Implementing a Fully Digital LLC Resonant Converter

- Seminar 8: Practical Implementation of SiC Power Devices on Using Best Practices with a Focus on Electrification of Motor Vehicles

- Seminar 9: Small-Signal Stability and Subsystem Interactions in Distributed Power Systems with Multiple Converters (I): DC Systems and 1-Phase AC Systems

- Seminar 10: Advanced Packaging Technologies for Fully Exploiting Attributes of WBG Power Electronics

- Seminar 11: Introduction to EMC

- Seminar 12: High-Frequency Magnetics Design, Measurement and Modeling

- Seminar 13: Input Filter Interactions with Switching Regulators

- Seminar 14: SiC Device Fabrication and HV SiC Devices Enabled MV Power Converters Applications – Opportunities and Challenges

- Seminar 15: Current Mode Control and Modeling- 3 Decades of Progress

- Seminar 16: Google Little Box Reloaded - How to Achieve 200 W/in^3 and Beyond

- Seminar 17: Design for Reliability: from Components to Systems

- Seminar 18: High Frequency Planar Magnetics for Power Conversion