About Professional Education Seminars

APEC Professional Education Seminars focus on practical aspects of the power electronics profession and provide in-depth discussion of important and complex power electronics topics. Seminars combine practical application with theory, and are designed to further educate the working professional in power electronics. Content will be recorded and presented on demand.

APEC 2021 Professional Education Seminar Schedule

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Following is the professional education seminar content for APEC 2021.

Track Session One Session Two
Times and Dates to Come Times and Dates to Come
Circuits & Topologies Hybrid and Resonant switched-Capacitor Power converters: New Circuit Topologies and Control Techniques for High Power Density Designs New Developments in Topologies and Magnetics to Reach 99% Efficiency Using the Latest Semiconductor Devices
S01 S09
Robert Pilawa-Podgurski Ionel Jitaru
University of California, Berkeley, US Rompower Energy Systems Inc.
Components I Selecting the Best Power Semiconductor Device for Your Application Isolated Gate Driver ICs in Power Electronics Systems – Insulation specifications, IC verification, Application Requirements and Design Optimization
S02 S10
David Levett, Thomas Laska Wei Zhang
Infineon Technologies, USA/Germany Texas Instruments, USA
Components II Integrated PCB Winding Magnetic Components for High Frequency Power Converters Practical Considerations for the Application of High Power Si and SiC Modules
S03 S11
Qiang Li, Fred Lee John Donlon, Eric Motto
Virginia Tech, USA Mitsubishi Electric, USA
Control & Design Designing Compensators for the Control of Switching Power Supplies Traditional and Emerging Digital Control Techniques in Power Electronics
S04 S12
Christophe Basso Waqar Khan, Nathan Weise, Armin Ebrahimian
ON Semiconductor, France Marquette University, USA
EMI EMC Design Fundamentals for Power Electronics Converters Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Converters: EMC Design Fundamentals, Layout Techniques, and Construction Methods
S05 S13
Ilknur Colak Michael Schutten, Cong Li, Predrag Hadzibabic
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, Germany Schutten Technical Consulting, LLC, USA; GE Global Research Center, USA; GE Aviation Systems, USA
Motor Drives & Reliability Reliability Analysis Methods and Tools for Power Electronic Components and Systems Fundamentals of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
S06 S14
Frede Blaabjerg, Huai Wang, Ionut Vernica Babak Fahimi
Aalborg University, Denmark University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Wide Bandgap II Future Power Electronics 4.0 SiC/GaN 3-phase PWM Converter Concepts A Practical Guide to SiC MOSFET and Schottky Applications
S07 S15
Johann W. Kolar, Jonas E. Huber Paul Schimel
ETH Zurich, Switzerland Microchip, USA
Wide Bandgap II SiC Power Conversion and System Packaging Technologies for High Temperature High Pressure Harsh Environment Applications Maximizing GaN FET and IC Performance
S08 S16
Saijun Mao, Braham Ferreira Michael Derooij, John Glaser, Alex Lidow
Fudan University, China; University of Twente, The Netherlands Efficient Power Conversion (EPC), USA