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Registration Open: Pre-APEC Workshop on Capacitors by PSMA and IEEE PELS on March 16, 2019

PSMA and PELS are co-sponsoring an all-day workshop "The Impact of Wideband Technologies on Application of Capacitors - A Deep Dive on Capacitor Technology" on the Saturday before APEC 2019.   Read more (

Many consider that a capacitor is a capacitor, it can be charged and discharged, no more no less. In 2018 the first PSMA/ IEEE PELS pre-APEC Capacitor Workshop started to lift the curtain to show some of the magical behaviors that designers must understand in the capacitor world for use in their designs. In the 2019 workshop, we will do much more than that. The primary focus will be on applications to highlight the specific requirements that must be satisfied by capacitors. Not only are evolving GaN and SiC based topologies challenging designers, the worldwide tight market for certain capacitors limit designers when selecting available capacitors that will satisfy their applications.

The registration fee for the workshop is $375 per participant, reduced to $275 for PSMA members and IEEE PELS members. On February 1, 2019, the registration fee will increase to $425 reduced to $325 for PSMA members and IEEE PELS members. There will be a $25 surcharge for onsite registration, if seating is available. Breakfast and lunch will be provided as part of the workshop. Electronic copies of the technical lecture presentations and technology demonstration presentations will be made available to the workshop participants.

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