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Room Tuesday
March 17th
1:30-2:00 PM
March 17th
March 17th
March 17th
March 18th
March 18th
213A Coilcraft
Get the Power You Deserve from Your Inductor
Leonard Crane
Powerex, Inc.
Powerex Technology Update: Featuring 7th generation, Three Level and SiC Devices
Eric Motto
ON Semiconductor
Innovations in Ulta-High Density AC/DC Power Supply Designs
Tim Kaske
Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc.
Oliver Opitz & Swaroop Vaidyanath
Microchip Technology Inc.
Tradeoffs Between Analog and Digital Implementations for Power Supplies
Fionn Sheerin and Tom Spohrer
International Rectifier Corporation
Get to Market Faster with IR’s scalable Digital Power
Ramesh Balasubramaniam
213D Venable
Stability Analysis of a Digital Controller Based Power Supply using the Venable Mixed Signal Analyzer.
Manfred Trent
SIMPLIS Technologies
SIMPLIS – Verilog HDL Co-simulation and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.0 New Features
Ronald Wong and Christopher Bridge
Ferroxcube USA, Inc.
New and Evolving Ferrite Power Materials
Lowell Bosley
Semtech Corporation
Greener, Smarter, Smaller Power Solutions
Andy Khayat
Pacific  Sowa Corporation
Atmix’s Soft Magnetic Powder
Ota Arata
GMW Associates
Current & Voltage Transducers for accurate power measurements in high power Variable Speed Motor Drives
Ian Walker
217A TowerJazz
Smart Lighting System in Bulb enabled by 700V Ultra High Density Logic Platform
Dr. Shye Shapira
Compound Converter Topology Can Take Many Forms
Tom Lawson
NH Research
Lowering Risk & Speeding Development by Using Flexible Test Hardware & Test Software
Martin Weiss
Keysight Technologies
Keysight Test Solutions Improve Power Circuit Design Success
Mike Hawes, Ryo Takeda, & Michael Hoffman
Adaptive Power Systems, Inc.
Latest Advances in Programmable AC Power Source Designs
Mitchel Orr
Safety and Reliability for Electrical Power
Kian Sanjari
Dewetron’s Power Analyzer
Bernhard Grasel
Optimally Design PE Systems with GeckoCIRCUITS & GeckoMAGNETICS
Jonas Muehlethaler
Teledyne Lecroy
Three-phase Electrical and Mechanical Motor Drive Power Analysis  Using an 8 Channel, 12-bit, 1 GHz Oscilloscope
Kenneth Johnson
Ducati Capacitors / Iconopower
New High-Temperature, High Capacity DC-Link PP Film Capacitors
Roberto Defant
Efficient Power Conversion
GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion
Alex Lidow, Ph.D
Multi-Domain Modeling with PLECS
Kristofer Eberle
217D Hoffmann & Co Elektrokohle AG
Aluminium Graphite: A Revolutionary Thermal Management Solution in High Reliability Applications
Dr. Sandra Reisinger
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Efficient Thermal Management for Motor Control
Tom Zemites
Power Electronics Industry Collaborative.
Power Matters – How the Power Electronics Industry Collaborative is working to shape the future of the power electronics industry in the United States
Keith Evans
Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC)
Dino-Lite Digital Microscope: EDGE Series
Connie Pedregon
Vishay Intertechnology
Adding Vishay Performance to Your Power Application Solar Main Inverter
Mark Walsh
Ultra-Fast-Sintering with Alpha Argomax
Julien Joguet or Gustavo Greca
218/219 Cirasys
Higher Performance Buck and Boost Converter Solutions From Nonlinear Control Methods
Paul Nichols
New PWM and VFD power measuring methods with DualPath
Robert Emerson
INTEGRATED Engineering Software
An Example of Field and Power Electronic Co-Simulation: Wireless Power Transfer
Dr. Matthew Wismayer
Global Power Technologies Group
SiC Power Module, Subsystem and their Applications
Dr. Timothy J. Han
Taiwan Semiconductor Co.
New Generation Semiconductors for Improved Power Efficiency
Mark Christopher
Zhejiang Keda Magnetoelectricity Co Ltd
New Generation of Alloy Powder Core Material in Power Inductor Design
213BC Magnetics
XFlux Designs for High Current Applications
Jacob Hughes
Stellar Industries Corp.
Direct Bond Copper Substrates for High Power and High Thermal Applications
Jason Greenspan
Taiwan National Program for Intelligent Electronics
Strengthening Modern Electronics Industry through the National Program for Intelligent Electronics in Taiwan
Dr. Jeng-Long Chiang
Zipalog Inc.
Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Verification for Power Electronics Systems
Felicia James
Power Electronic Measurements Ltd
The Practicalities of Measuring Fast Switching/Transient Currents in Power Electronic Applications Using Rogowski Transducers
Dr. Chris Hewson
213D Fairchild
New Solutions and Trends in LED Lighting
Charles Eum