APEC Special Events

The safety and well-being of participants remains a top priority, and while we look forward to the moment when everyone who wants to participate at an in-person APEC can do so safely and confidently, we are not there yet. Continued global travel restrictions, unknown guidance on large gatherings, as well as social distancing protocols make it impossible to move forward with an in-person event at this time.

Consequently, APEC 2021 will be presented in a virtual format on the virtual event platform Social27. Special events and meetings that are traditionally held at APEC will be re-scheduled per the presenting organization. Please click through on the following for updates.

  • PSMA Meetings: PSMA hosts a series of meetings at APEC, including the PSMA Annual Meeting and meetings of all of the PSMA committees. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
  • PELS Meeting Series: IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) hosts a series of meetings, workshops and events at APEC. In striving to build knowledge and awareness of the latest technologies and other advances in power electronics, the goal of PELS is to keep members current and competitive in the workplace, and provide them with the tools necessary to help them grow both personally and professionally.