Micromouse Contest

APEC 2016 will be hosting its Thirtieth annual Micromouse contest in Long Beach, California. The contest will take place the evening of Monday, March 21st. It is not necessary for contestants to register for the conference in order to compete.

Enter the Thirtieth annual APEC Micromouse contest or join us as a spectator for this exciting event. Participants design, build, and program robotic mice and compete to see who can navigate their way through the maze in the shortest time. The picture below was taken during the contest at Long Beach, CA in 2013. (photos courtesy of Juing-Huei Su)



A typical entry has a pair of motors for propulsion, a battery for energy storage, infra-red sensors to detect walls, and a microprocessor (under the battery) for intelligence. These are illustrated in the picture below.



The rules for the contest use a scoring system with a penalty for the time taken to map and run the maze, and a bonus for not touching the mouse. They are similar to those used at the IEE World Final held in London in 1987 except that the touch penalty has been reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds. The time for each contestant has also been reduced from 15 to 7 minutes. Within this time limit, the Micromouse may make up to 5 runs. Only one mouse per handler will be allowed this year.

Click the link below for a complete copy of the APEC Micromouse Contest Rules:

APEC Micromouse Rules 29 Kb

Trophies and a cash prizes will be awarded.

In addition, all pre-registered mice that reach the center, will receive a customized certificate.

Click the links below for the results from the 2014 contest and a video of the fastest runs of each mouse at the 2014 contest.

APEC ’14 Contest Report

APEC ’14 Video (43 Kb)

If you would like to register for the contest at APEC 2016, or have any additional questions, please contact the APEC Micromouse Chair, David Otten at email: otten@mit.edu. Inquiries can also be directed to the APEC 2016 Offices.