Industry Sessions

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
8:30 am – 12:00 Noon

IS1.1 Breakthrough Technologies Driving Successful Energy Harvesting-Powered Products – Session Chair(s): Arnold Alderman, Anagenesis; Steve Grady, Cymbet
Room 202AB

IS1-1-1 Energy Harvesting Market Requirements, Economics and Technology Drivers
Steve Grady – Cymbet

IS1-1-2 Latest Advancements in Energy Harvesting Transducers
Henrik Zessin – Fraunhofer Institute

IS1-1-3 How to Design Minimal Footprint High Efficiency Circuits for Energy Conversion, Energy Storage and System Power Management
Brian Shaffer – Linear Technology

IS1-1-4 New Ultralow-power Sensor devices and Control Mechanisms
Roman Budek – NXP

IS1-1-5 Sub-microamp Microcontroller and Wireless Transceivers, Protocols, Network Architectures
Mark Buccini – Texas Instruments

IS1-1-6 Successful commercial Energy Harvesting Deployments in Wearables, Industrial Controls, Transportation, Medicine, Handhelds, Fitness and Building Controls
Dr. Harry Zervos – IDTechEX

IS2.1 Power Electronics Standards – Session Chair(s): Peter Wilson, University of Southampton
Room 202CD

IS2-1-1 Standards for Power Electronic Components and Systems
Dr. Peter R. Wilson – University of Southampton

IS2-1-2 Issues In Modulating Current for High Brightness LED Lighting
Professor Brad Lehman – Northeastern University

IS2-1-3 Transformers and Inductors in Electronic Power Conversion
Dr. Matt Willkowski

IS2-1-4 Marine Power Systems
Professor Roger Dugal –

IS2-1-5 An Introduction to Revision 1.3 of the PMBus™ Specification
Travis Summerlin Mike Jones – Texas Instruments Linear Technology

IS2-1-6 Grid Connected Power Systems

IS2-1-7 Power Semiconductor Modules
Dr. Krishna Shenai

IS3.1 High Power Industrial – Session Chair: Krishna Shenai, Argonne National Laboratories
Room 201C

IS3-1-1 New Techniques for Wide Band Gap High-Power Semiconductor Device
Alan Wadsworth – Agilent

IS3-1-2 Advanced T-type NPC- 3 level modules: A New
Possibility with RB-IGBT’s
Nitesh Satheesh – Fuji Electric Corp of America

IS3-1-3 Advancements in AC Power Capacitor Manufacturing
Techniques Solve Traditional Industry Application Problems
John Houdek – Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc.

IS3-1-4 Low cost 120kW Non Isolated Medical Power Supply
Korneel Wijnands – Prodrive B.V.

IS3-1-5 How A New Power Stack Communication System Improves IGBT Reliability and Shortens
Development Time
Albert Charpentier – AgileSwitch, LLC

IS3-1-6 Linear Motors for Mass Transit Systems, their Merits, Controls and
Drive Aspects
Dr. Konrad Woronowicz, Dr. Alireza Safaee – Bombardier Transportation

IS3-1-7 Power Quality – Power Engineering vs Power Electronics Perspectives
W. Dunford

IS1.2 Evolving Alternative Energy to Mainstream Energy – Session Chair(s): Chavonne Yee, ABB Power-One; John McManus, Lincoln
Room 202AB

IS1-2-1 Solar Industry Market Overview
Dr. Finlay Colville – Solarbuzz

IS1-2-2 Austin Energy Micro-Grid
Dr. Alexis Kaczynksi – Austin Energy

IS1-2-3 Utility PV Solar Plant TX
David Devir – KACO

IS1-2-4 Skyrocketing Growth in Residential Solar

IS2.2 Emerging Technologies of Power Transmission – Session Chair(s): Dr. River Li; Dr. Nan Chen
Room 202CD

IS2-2-1 Grid Connected Converters: Challenges and Future Trends
Dr. Hector Zelaya de la Parra – ABB Sweden Ltd., Corporate Research

IS2-2-2 STATCOM with Multilevel Converter for AC Transmission Systems
Dr. Martin Pieschel – Siemens AG, Germany

IS2-2-3 Power Electronic Converter and Protection Solutions for Medium Voltage DC
Technologies – DC Interlink From Decentralized Energy Sources to HVDC Transmission
Dr. Daniel Aggeler / Dr. Francisco Canales – ABB Switzerland Ltd., Corporate Research

IS2-2-4 HV SiC 10kV MOSFET and 15-20kV IGBT Enabled Active Grid Infrastructure
Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya – North Carolina State University (NCSU)

IS3.2 Marketing and Business – Session Chairs: Ada Cheng, AdaClock; Mohan Mankikar, Micro-Tech Consultants
Room 201C

IS3-2-1 Predicting Dynamic Markets Demands Frequent Primary Statistics Gathering
Carl Blake – World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Committee, Power Sources Manufacturers Association, CBK

IS3-2-2 A Comprehensive Assessment of the Indian Power Electronics Market
Dhaval Dalal – ACP Technologies

IS3-2-3 PSiP & PwrSoC: Taking Stock of the Trials and Triumphs of Adoption that Lie Ahead
Arnold Alderman – Anagenesis Inc

IS3-2-4 How Preferred Suppliers Meet or Exceed a Customer’s Expectation
Randhir Malik – IBM

IS1.3 Latest Advances in Nanotechnology Applications – Session Chair(s): Kevin Parmenter, Mouser Electronics; Chuck Mullett, ON Semiconductor
Room 202AB

IS1-3-1 Overview of Recent Patent Activity in Nanotech-Enabled Power Systems
Jeffrey Rosedale – Baker & Hostetler LLP

IS1-3-2 Tailored Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Materials for Transparent Conductive Film Applications
Ricardo Prada Silvy – SouthWest NanoTechnologies

IS1-3-3 Science and Application of Nanosilver Chip-Bonding Material
Guo-Quan Lu – Virginia Tech

IS1-3-4 Nano-Devices for Enhanced Thermal Energy Storage, Cooling and Sensing
Debjyoti Banerjee – Texas A&M University

IS1-3-5 Enhanced Power Systems Through Nanotechnology
Dale Teeters – University of Tulsa

IS1-3-6 Future Electronics: Incorporation of Photonics and Plasmonics at the Nanoscale
Robert Magnusson – University of Texas at Arlington

IS1-3-7 PSMA Nanotechnology Education Program
J. Michael Rice – Aerolearn, Inc

IS2.3 Key Issues in Vehicle Power Electronics – Session Chair(s): Ralph Taylor, Delphi
Room 202CD

IS2-3-1 Thermal Management for Power Electronics used in Electric Drive Vehicles
Dr. Sukhvinder Kang – Aavid Thermalloy

IS2-3-2 Joining Materials for High Reliability Power Electronics in Electric Drive Vehicles
Dr. Patrick McCluskey – University of Maryland

IS2-3-3 Power Connectors, General Fundamentals and Design Guide Related to Transportation Power Electronics
Jay Sandige – Michael Wingard – Positronics/Amphenol

IS2-3-4 Planar Magnetics, an Ideal Technology for Automotive Electrification
Jim Marinos – Payton Group

IS2-3-5 Developments in Stationary and Dynamic Wireless Charging Applications
Dr. Omer Onar – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

IS2-3-6 Wide Bandgap (WBG) Power Devices for High Density Power Converters – Excitement and Reality

Dr. Krishna Shenai – Argonne National Laboratory

IS2-3-7 GaN Power Electronics for Automotive Applications
Karim Boutros – HRL Laboratories

IS3.3 Controls and Passive Components – Session Chair: Jim Spangler, Spangler Prototype
Room 201C

IS3-3-1 Aluminum Extrusion Design and the Role it Plays in High Performance Cooling Solutions for
Power Electronics.
Mike Tozier – Sapa Extrusion North America

IS3-3-2 Robust CCM Interleaved PFC Controller for Industrial Application
Wen Chien – Fairchild Semiconductor

IS3-3-3 Tripling the Power of PoE – Opening New Opportunities and Creating New Challenges
Mr. Antoun – Akros Silicon

IS3-3-4 Power Supply Efficiency Estimation in
PFM mode for Light-load Applications
Amod Vaze – Texas Instruments

IS3-3-5 Behind the Spec of Power Inductors
Roland Kratz – Wurth Elecronics

IS3-3-6 MADMIX: The Standard For Measuring SMPS Inductors
Mike Wens – MinDCet NV

IS3-3-7 Improved COT Controller with Emulated ESR and DC Correction
Shahin Maloyan – Exar

Thursday, March 20, 2014
8:30 am – 11:30 am

IS1.4 Energy Storage and the Power Converters that Control Energy Storage – Session Chair: Dusty Becker, Emerson; Ed Herbert, Independent Inventor

IS1-4-1 The Role of Energy Storage in Power Management
Edward Herbert – PSMA Energy Efficiency Committee

IS1-4-2 Batteries and Their Control
Melaku Mihret – Xtreme Power

IS1-4-3 Using Ultracapacitors for Frequency Regulation
Bryce Gregory – Ioxus, Inc.

IS1-4-4 Other Energy Storage Devices
Laszlo Lakatos – HYXOS Innovations

IS1-4-5 Using DC Microgrids for Energy Storage Integration Zero-Net-Energy Buildings
Brian Patterson – Emerge Alliance

IS1-4-6 Energy Storage and its Control in “The Smart Grid.”
Joe Matamoros – STEM

IS2.4 Wide Band Gap Devices – Session Chair: Dennis Stephens, Continental
Room 202CD

IS2-4-1 Wide Band Gap (WBG) Power Devices for High-Density Power Converters – Excitement and Reality
Dr. Krishna Shenai – Argonne National Laboratory

IS2-4-2 Moving Beyond Qualification to Verify the Long-Term Reliability of GaN Devices
Carl Blake – Transphorm

IS2-4-3 GaN: Raising the Bar for Power Conversion Performance
David Reusch – Efficient Power Conversion

IS2-4-4 GaAs-based Power Stages for Granular Power
Greg J. Miller, Robert Conner – Sarda Technologies

IS2-4-5 Normally-Off GaN-on-Si Bi-Directional Automobile Battery-to -Grid 6.6kW Charger
Switching at 500kHz
Brian Hughes – HRL Laboratories

IS2-4-6 Next-Generation Power SiC Devices for High-Volume Applications – Trench Schottky Barrier Diode and Trench MOSFET
David Doan – Rohm Semiconductor

Thursday, March 20, 2014
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

IS1.5 3D Packaging for Power Electronics – Session Chair(s): Ernie Parker, Crane Aerospace & Electronics; Brain Narveson, Narveson Consulting
Room 202AB

IS1-5-1 Increase Power Density and Performance Using 3D Packaging
Ernie Parker – Crane Aerospace & Electronics

IS1-5-2 Power Packaging Considerations for High End Servers
Rick Fishbune – IBM Corporation

IS1-5-3 Integrated Power Conversion with Thin-Film Magnetic Core Inductors
Dr. Noah Sturcken – Ferric Semiconductor

IS1-5-4 Printed Interfacial Interconnects in High Power Modules
Doug Hopkins – NC State

IS1-5-5 Deployment of 3D Printing in Power Conversion Products
Peter Resca – Astrodyne Inc

IS1-5-6 Integration of Cooling Function into 3-D Power Module Packaging
Zhenxian Liang – ORNL

IS1-5-7 Three-Dimensional Packaging for Wide Bandgap Based Discrete and Multi-Chip Power Packages
Brandon Passmore – Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc

IS2.5 How are Magnetics Catching Up To SiC & GaN? – Session Chair: Steve Carlsen, Raytheon; Edward Herbert, Independent Inventor
Room 202CD

IS2-5-1 Frequency, Where We are Today, and Where We Need to Go
Dan Jitaru – Rompower

IS2-5-2 How are SiC & GaN Catching Up to Planar Magnetics?
Jim Marinos – Payton America Inc.

IS2-5-3 A GaN Speaker, What He Needs
YiFeng Wu – Transphorm

IS2-5-4 A SiC Speaker, What He Needs
Ranbir Singh – GeneSiC Semiconductor, Inc.

IS2-5-5 New Magnetic Materials
Lowell Bosley – Ferroxcube, Yageo Corporation

IS2-5-6 Windings for High Frequency
Dr. Charles Sullivan – Dartmouth College

IS2-5-7 “Solid State” Transformers for the Smart Grid
Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharya – North Carolina State University